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GL1100 82-83 org front pad (Medium) drilled roter

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new carb 6 (Small) GL1000 rear section, CB759F1 front section side (M GL1100 80-83 rear replacement disc (Medium) stainless pistons Hastings rings (Medium) Fuel pipes (Medium)

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  NEWS PANEL                

               It is with regret that we have mutually decided to end our international depot for Randakk's Cycle Shakk.

Randakk has now instigated a new mailing system to cope with these sales.

For details of this service go to :


I am please to announce that I have been accepted into Randakk's Approved Carb Rebuilder programme.


Monday 21st Sept: GL1000 and GL1100 fuel line kits back in stock

Kawasaki Front B pattern (Medium)

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