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In 1975 Honda shook the motorcycling world with what was then the biggest and heaviest motorcycle to come out of Japan. Only beaten in top speed by the Z1 Kawasaki, it was a technical tour-de-force for Honda to stamp it's engineering superiority.


For the time, the specification was almost science fiction.



Water cooled flat-four cylinder 1000cc with 80hp.

Belt driven overhead camshafts.

Contra-rotating alternator rotor to counter the drive torque.

Five speed gearbox with shaft drive.

The first production bike to have disc brakes front and rear.

Fuel tank under the seat to keep the weight low.

The same basic layout was kept as the Goldwing grew;  first in 1980 to 1100cc, with some models becoming the tourer that the customers were demanding. These proved a huge success and continued unti 1983, when the Goldwing design was given a massive overhaul to become the GL1200. This model lasted until 1987, when the four cylinder engine was discontinued.

We offer new parts, reconditioned parts, used parts, brake disc drilling, ultrasonic cleaning, carburettor rebuilds and technical tips for all the four cylinder Wings, mainly for the GL1000 but also for the GL1100 & GL1200.






Our mission is to help you keep as many of these magnificent machines on the road as we can!

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