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GL1100 Engine2

If you are unfortunate enough to have to repair or replace your pump, it would pay you to check this page for my FRONT TRANSMISSION COVER SCREW KIT.


ONLY $35 with worldwide shipping for $12

The water pump on the four cylinder Wings is a known source of problems.

When it starts to fail, you can get oil in your coolant, or coolant in your oil.

Or both!


Honda says they are not supposed to be a serviceable item but, like may things in this world, the reality is somewhat different.

I'm not saying that it is something that your baby sister could do, but with a modicum of technical knowledge, the right tools and armed with this kit it is certainly possible to have a refurbished water pump at a fraction of the price of a new one.

My good friend Ray from Germany (he is the manufacturer of our amazing brake pistons) has put togther this kit. He does not compromise on quality so you can buy and fit without any worries.


There are two different kits:


One is for the earlier Bakelite impellor type as fitted to all the GL1000 and some early GL1100s. This pump has been obsoleted by Honda.


The second kit fits the steel impellor pump as fitted to the later GL1100 and the GL1200. This the type of pump that is currently supplied by Honda



Before you buy: Make sure your pump is rebuildable; the shaft must not be worn where the bearings are located nor on its split end.


Check out these very comprehensive instructions first!

water pump rebuild kit

Bakelite Pump Kit

Steel Pump Kit





An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

Water Pump Rebuild Kit - All Models

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