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GL1100 Engine2

To compliment my braided fuel line kits, I am now stocking this fuel filter with a washable sintered bronze filter. 

Shock, horror, these are made in China.

Very nicely made in aluminium, I have them in black anodised finish as being the best match with the black braided OEM look fuel lines.

They are also supplied with a special rubber spacer so that they will fit into the standard  Honda filter holder.  This will fit any 1/4" or 6mm fuel pipe.

The buttons will take you to the Paypal page. The price includes shipping.

For complete Fuel Pipe and Filter kits go here:

Filter parts (Medium)
GL1200 filter and fuel pipes 1 (Medium) cropped

Doesn't that look good!

filter with holder (Medium)

The filter holder is NOT included




An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

Cleanable Alloy Fuel Filter

black alloy filter

No more need to buy the ugly throwaway replaceable filters!

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