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GL1100 Engine2
GL1100 Engine2

An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

We produce this kit for customers who want new fuel lines with newly rebuilt carbs, rebuilt fuel tap or new fuel filter.


The original fuel lines can deteriorate internally, even though they still look good from the outside.


We now have a complete kit of three black braided fuel lines and six bright zinc plated screw type fuel line clamps to go with them.


The main line from the fuel tank to the filter is 220mm to fit with my alloy cleanable fuel filter.


See the info page here:  

GL1200 Braided Fuel Line Kit

(1984, 1985 and most 1986 models)


Kit including shipping to UK

Kit including shipping worldwide.

1200 fuel lines (Medium)

Not suitable for late 1986 with 8mm / 5/16" pipes, 1987 nor SE-i models

This can easily be adapted to suit the standard filter by cutting off 20mm.

The 90mm filter to pump pipe is also a fraction longer than OEM to accomodate the fuel filter.

The 110mm pipe fits from pump to plenum.


Fuel Line Kit  Price £12.00 / $19.95 plus shipping

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J G Evans

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GL1200 filter and fuel pipes 1 (Medium)

Complete kit of braided fuel lines, stainless clamps, cleanable filter with spacer


Fuel Line Kit With Filter Price: £23.00 / $36.00

Kit including shipping to UK

Kit including shipping worldwide.

black alloy filter
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