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GL1100 Engine2

Those of you who regularly ride in the rain will know just how poor brakes with solid discs are when wet.


THEY ARE TERRIFYING! A Honda GL1000 weighing 600lbs of bike, plus rider(s), just wants to keep on going!


The biggest improvement to wet weather braking is the drilling of the rotors or discs.


You really cannot believe the difference it makes!


Below are the standard patterns I offer. You can specify what diameter of hole you want from a choice of 4, 5, 6 or 7mm in any order. Same pattern for front and rear. I can also do special one-offs to a supplied picture or pattern at additional cost.

GL1100 Engine2

 Pattern C  & C+   bubble swirl holes. Graduated holes from 7 or 8mm down to 4mm

GL1100 Engine2

If you know what you want for your discs, pack them securely and send them to:


WinGovations  169 Monifieth Avenue, Cardonald, Glasgow G52 3DJ.

Email me to tell me they are are being sent.


I will email you confirmation of receipt and send you a Paypal invoice on completion.


Please include a note of:

Your name, address, email, phone number, pattern, hole size(s) required.

You don't have to believe just me about the effectiveness of this modification!

Whiskerfish, Webmaster                                    ,     

"If anyone is looking at making improvements to their Gold Wing the front brakes are absolutely in the top 5 things I would recommend.

Over the years I had been caught in too many heavy rain storms and not had any brakes with the stock system.

When riding in really heavy rain, the stock system can not shed water from the rotors fast enough to provide enough satisfactory braking even for a mini-bike!

Drilled rotors fix that  and combined with the Stainless Steel Lines provide a difference in feedback and feel and authority that is really just amazing.

Operating on a budget as most of us are I would spend the money on the M/C and SS lines then try and find someone local to drill the stock rotors. Strip and rebuild your calipers with all new rubber and build the system up.

Then do a really thorough bleed and the difference may save your life !! "




An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

Please use the link so that we can give you an accurate total cost for drilling  and returning your disc(s) to you.

this or spokes

Pattern A     alternate 7mm and 5mm radial holes.

Solid BRAKE DISC DRILLING (bikes or autos)

(not suitable for slotted discs)


Pattern D      7mm swirl holes.  

This could be the best value for any money that you spend this year!

CX500 pattern 2 discs (Medium)
CB550 disc (Medium)

Pattern B    alternating 7mm and 5mm radial holes.

This is a UK based service. I am happy to do discs for international customers but discs are heavy and may incurr big postal charges from outside of the UK.

CX500 bubble swirl drilled (Medium)
bubble disc 2 (Medium)
disc (Medium)
CX500 120 hole (Medium)
drilled roter
Hyabusa style (Medium)

Pattern E  Hyabusa style 5 &7mm holes

Click the images for bigger picture.

132 holes (Medium)


Hi John, my disc arrived back today. Thank you so much. I'm really pleased, it looks terrific. Nice to find someone so knowledgeable and helpful. Appreciate you helping me out. The disc looks great on my bike.

Many thanks once again,  



Clive's CB550 disc is on the right

Kawasaki Front B pattern (Medium)
Kawasaki Rear B pattern (Medium)
Honda rear B pattern (Medium)
Honda front B pattern (Medium)
Kawasaki H1 discs swirl pattern 1 (Medium)
Kawasaki H1 discs swirl pattern 3 (Medium)






Single disc:   £35 plus return shipping.

Pair of same disc:  £65 plus return shipping.

Set of three discs:   £90  plus return shipping.

Pattern E & C+: plus £14 on each of the above


These prices assume that we already have a pattern template to suit your disc and desired pattern.


Otherwise there wiil be a £10 surcharge for making the new template to your specification.


 Turn-round is usually 2 - 3 days from receipt of the discs.      

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J G Evans

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