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GL1100 Engine2
GL1100 Engine2

An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

GL1100 Engine2

Videos of Rebuild of New GL1000 engine

This series of videos documents the rebuild of a never-run 1975 GL1000 engine that had been used in a Technical College to instruct future mechanics.

Supplied to them new by Honda, it had only been used by them for a few months in the early eighties before they abandoned the motorcycle courses. It lay undiscovered until this year.


Obviously there were some problems with various parts that had been mis-handled, not least of which were the crankcases, but every single part has now been checked out and renewed if necessary.


In addition to the ‘new as in never run' parts, replacement brand new parts include:

the crankcases, all bearing shells, pistons, piston rings, oil seals, gaskets, connecting rod bolts and nuts, all ball bearings apart from the gearbox main shaft, clutch pressure plate, water pump, clutch release plate and bearing, alternator shock absorber rubbers, gear selector springs, various miscellaneous nuts and bolts.


No doubt there will be others to add to this list as I go through the rest of the build. I am saving all the OEM packaging from the parts used so that the new owner has a full itinery of what went into this engine.


Since the biggest source of complaints against the early GL1000 was the primary chain slap, I have also included a sprung chain tensioner from a later model.


I have more videos to post once I have edited them.


This engine has now been completed and sold.  

DSCN0634 (Medium)
DSCN0642 (Medium)
DSCN0635 (Medium)
DSCN0644 (Medium)
DSCN0632 (Medium)


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