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GL1100 Engine2
GL1100 Engine2

An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

Brake Callipers and Brake Master Cylinders: 


Here we are talking simply about cleaning. Logic says that if you have any one of the three front cylinders removed, or either of the back cylinders off, the bike is not going anywhere! So you might as well get all three fronts, or both rear, or all five done, at the same time!

No remedial work done on any of them. You will need new seal kits for each cylinder.


Price including return shipping UK:         £10 / unit, £25 / front three, £18/ rear pair.

These prices assume no problems. If we run up against severly jammed pistons or immovable bleed screws for instance, there will be additional charges. They will be advised to you before we continue with the work.



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Ultrasonic Cleaning Service


The power of ultrasonics for cleaning parts without invasive procedures or using toxic and environmentally unfriendly chemicals has been known for many years. I was fascinated by the way dirt was just floated off components in the big ultrasonic tanks in the factory where I served my time as an engineering apprentice,


The basic principle is the use of ultrasound to create millions of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning fluid, which implode with relatively huge force as they contact the substrate. This action loosens the dirt and grease and will even remove stains. Most cleaning can be done using plain water with maybe a dash of dish washer detergent to help; some materials need a specific cleaner fluid to disperse them. Most parts can be cleaned in this way.


Carburettor cleaning: 

The carburettors are probably the main cause of running problems on the four cylinder Wings and it's my guess that 90% of those endlessly ongoing problems are down to the fact of the very tiny passageways and jets in the Keihin Carbs not getting properly cleaned. This is no reflection on the poor owners who have had them on and off and cleaned them more times than they can count.


Brake Master Cylinders: 

How many posts have you seen on the forums saying that they can't get the brakes either to make pressure, or to loose the pressure that is in the system. Many, many times this is due to the very small ports being gummed up. Ultrasonics will get all the gums and corrosion out and keep you from tearing your hair out by the roots, or from giving up and throwing the offending part in the nearest waste bin.


Brake Calipers: 

The piston sticking in the caliper is most often caused by corrosion behind the seal in the caliper. This can be cleaned manually but it's awkward to get all of it out. The ultrasonic bath will remove every bit and leave your parts like new.


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Here we are talking simply about cleaning. Your carbs need to be removed from the plenum chamber for cleaning to be totally effective.

This you can do yourself or we can strip the rack for you, meaning that all your components get cleaned at the same time.

On return, all internal parts will be individually bagged and labelled per carb; the float chamber, the top and slide remounted but no further rebuilding done. You will need rebuild kits for each carb plus a plenum gasket, or Randakk's master rebuild kit which we can supply.


Price including return shipping UK: per carb   £20.00


Add £20 for us to strip the rack, clean the components and return with the carbs (no re-assembly).


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