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Tach drive oil leak

An oil leak from fuel pump area is most likely to be the little oil seal that sits inside where the tach drive cable fits into it.


This is an easy 15 minute fix;


First you will need to buy the seal, Honda part # 91211-286-003 or 91256-096-651


Remove top bolt holding the tach drive and fuel pump to the cylinder head.


Remove tach cable by pulling it outwards.


Grab the flats at the top of the tach drive gear and pull.


Tach drive, collar and oil seal will just pull out.


Be careful not to loose the very small hardened washer that sits under the skew gear to stop it biting into the alloy.


Change seal, lubricate the seal lip and the shaft, then use a suitably sized socket to push everything back in.


Job done!



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