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GL1100 Engine2
GL1100 Engine2

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Rocker Spindle Fix

APPLICABLE TO HONDA GOLDWING GL1000 / GL1100 (not applicable to GL1200)



When assembling a set of rockers back into the cam carrier, there was concern over the amount of wear on the rocker spindles. Needless to say, everything else had been checked on the heads except them!




Take a look at the pic. What do you see?
























Look carefully at the lower rocker spindle.


Both rocker spindles are identical and, due to the way the rockers sit on their respective spindles, the spindles can be swapped from one side to the other so that the rockers now sit on fresh metal. The lower spindle has been changed and you can see, under the spring, the worn shaft where the rockers used to sit.


If you are doing the valves or valve seals you will already have the cam carrier off, so take five minutes and do this. The spindles will just push out (or a light tap with a soft drift) leaving the rockers and springs just sitting there if you're careful.

Swap the spindles over and turn them end for end.


Make sure that the oil holes point down towards the cams.


It was also noticed that the springs can obscure the oil holes so make sure that they are turned so that the holes are clear. I don't know whether or not the springs turn of their own accord when the engine is running; there is nothing to stop them which seems poor design to me.




Change rocker spindles

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