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GL1100 Engine2
GL1100 Engine2

An online source dedicated to Honda's amazing four cylinder Goldwings!

BEFORE ORDERING, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE                                                     AND THE

Reconditioned GL1000 Carbs

WinGovations Copyright 2010

J G Evans

Reconditioned parts will have been inspected, anything worn replaced if possible or repaired, cleaned, lubricated and painted, as necessary.

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Please contact me to get the shipping charge(s). To avoid any nasty surprises, please do this before you purchase by using the shipping request form


Once I have your address I will get a quote for you. If you agree to purchase, I send you a PayPal invoice for total purchase inc shipping.


This is a necessary evil due to shipping to very different parts of the world from the UK.                                      


This is a good  set of late GL1000 769A carbs, suitable for all 78 - 79 models.



They have been stripped down, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt with a                                          Master Carb Kit.


The tops are polished and new top buttons fitted.


All the screws and washers replaced with stainless steel ltems.


They have had the throttle spindle felt seals renewed.


My new air and vacuum tubes kit fitted.


This set has had some corrosion on the outer body parts, the effects of which will be mostly hidden once the chrome side supports and the air cleaner are fitted. They have been coated with ACF50 corrosion preventative which will keep further corrosion away for at least a year before needing to re-coated.

Internally all four carbs are really excellent!


A good set, supplied with new O rings for the manifolds and a set of my braided fuel lines so you can throw away your 40 year old fuel lines with rusty clips.


You also get a Randakk  sticker.


They have been statically balanced and will run right out of the box, but will need final dynamic balancing with gauges once the engine is running.


Price: $525.00  (£395) plus shipping. (for example, shipping to the States or Canada is approximately $85 inc. insurance.)


International shipping is no problem, but realise that the set weighs 8Kg and also has to be well protected and packaged. I would also recommend shipping insurance. Use the shipping request button above.


You could pay this simply for a rebuild on your own carbs from elsewhere.

Set of refurbished GL1000 769A 1978 carburettors 


I may be interested in your old carbs in part exchange. Email me for details.




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