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OK, so, like the conscientious owner you are, you drain the cooling system every other year just like you should.

And before you refill with the anti-freeze mix, you check the condition of the hoses.

I mean, you take them off, remove the cruddy protector springs so that you can examine the outside for cracking; then you carefully check the inside for the deterioration that can and does happen over time.


No, You Don't!

You just blithely assume because they are not ACTUALLY leaking right now, that all is well with what are, in all probability, the original OEM 40 odd year hoses.

So how many other 40 odd year old items do you own that have had 90C hot liquid coursing through them under pressure?

Ever had a washing machine hose go? Bet that wasn't 40 y  years old!

Ever had a bottom hose go and dump slippery anti-freeze mix right under your back tyre? 

YeeeHaaa, ride'em Cowboy! Right into the nearest ditch!

So, about time to come into the 21st Century!

OEM hoses for the GL1000 and GL1100 are long gone. OEM GL1200 hoses can still be found but they are very scarce too.

These fantastic OEM look SILICONE HOSES are made in the UK and come cut to size. Supplied with real quality STAINLESS STEEL CLAMPS

These will be a 'Fit & Forget' part. Probably never to going to need any maintenance and the kits will keep their good looks for ever! Or even longer!

Radiator Hose Kit GL1000 /GL1100 / GL1200

Price per full set including shipping


This top quality kit is shipped in heavy cardboard postal boxes and fully protected.

GL1000 & GL1100

GL1000 / 1100 UK/Europe $57.50 inc shipping

GL1000/1100 worldwide $62.50 inc shipping

GL1000/1100 USA $68.50 inc shipping


GL1200 UK/Europe $52.50 inc shipping

GL1200 worldwide $57.50 inc shipping

GL1200 USA $63.50 inc shipping


For customers in the US.

I'm sorry but your country is now the only one rated Zone 3 by Royal Mail.

Due mainly to Mr Trump pulling you out of the 145 year old international postal agreement, since July 2020 shipping to the USA has increased by 50%

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