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GL1100 Engine2 GL1100 Engine2

New parts for the GL1000, GL1100, GL1200.


We aim eventually to produce or source parts for the GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 that are either very difficult or impossible to find new through the normal channels. More parts will come into this catagory as the bikes get older.



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J G Evans

Where possible, we will offer an improved version. Things have changed a lot since the GL1000 was first designed in the early seventies; better design, improved or alternative materials etc.

Already we have a kit of parts to upgrade your swinging arm bearings on the GL1000.

Others have been hard at work  producing some very nice stuff, some of which you will find supplied from here and on the Links page there are other sites featuring parts that we feel you are better served with by being supplied direct.

Reconditioned parts for the GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200.


Parts will have been inspected, anything worn will be replaced if possible provided parts are available or repaired, cleaned, lubricated and painted, as necessary.


Eventually, as time goes by it will sometimes simply not be possible to bring a part back to 'as-new' condition, but a reconditioned part with marks is a lot better than no part at all!


Currently there are many NOS (New Old Stock) parts or used but in very good condition available. A search on eBay will confirm that. The vast majority of these bikes were sold in the United States, where there are many breakers with good stock for these machines, but it is an expensive business to ship parts especially the larger ones like, say, one frame.


Be aware that shipping, packaging, Customs Duty and V.A.T. all take the costs sky-high of bringing parts into the U.K. or Europe from the USA.





Overseas Buyers.


We normally ship Royal Mail First Class from the UK. We can also send by Express mail but again this is expensive.You can chose which service you want on the Parts Inquiry Form.

We have not lost a package sent normal post in either direction in the last three years of trading.


Larger or heavier packages, or if you require a service with full tracking, will be sent by courier. All international freight is charged by Volumetric Weight. This means the cost is also determined by the dimensions although your package may not weigh much.


Be aware that you will probably be liable for duties, such as Customs and / or VAT, once it lands in your country.

We will not falsify documents to reduce this liability. That would lead to legal implications for us.


But sometimes the package can slip through and you pay nothing. In the Lap of the Gods.

GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 used parts 


These will usually have been cleaned, inspected and passed as 'fit for the purpose with some input from the buyer'. No remedial work done to them, but they will not be junk!  

However, please remember that this is only my opinion; your assessment may differ! Sorry, but here mine is the one that counts!


Having said that, we will always try to resolve any problems first, but in general, no returns on used parts. The descriptions of the parts will be as accurate as I can make them and, where possible, there will be pictures of the part.

If you require additional information or pictures, please contact us first before purchasing. We will always try to help in that way.

Please remember that photos can make the parts look better than in reality.


The used parts we supply can be anything up to 40 years old! And they have usually been on a motorcycle in all weathers for that period.


Please do not expect them to be anything like new!


If you want NEW parts, you need to BUY new parts (if you can)!



So, in the light of all that, go dig out all the old GoldWing stuff you no longer need, email me with what you have and let's get together to get that part out there to someone who is desperate for it.


Although this is a commercial site, the main impetus is to keep as many of our amazing dinosaurs in good health! You can do your bit too!

A lot of good used Goldwing parts are also being thrown away due to the inability or unwillingness of the owners to refurbish them.

If you have such parts, let's do a deal so that they can be recycled.

What may seem like a bit of scrap today will be tomorrows rocking horse pooh! It's surprising what can be done to turn apparent scrap to good parts with a bit of effort!

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